Here is all the necessary information for you!

Costume Information:

At this time, all dancers should have their recital costumes. Please avoid the temptation to let your child wear costumes before recital day. Costumes should look new for their performance. Costumes can be uncomfortable at times. The sequin or trim can become itchy. If you have this situation, you can line the inside of the trim with some moleskin (which can be bought at a fabric store or on Amazon) or a little adhesive and felt. This often helps. No underwear is to be worn under tights, no undershirts are to be worn, and absolutely no jewelry. No underwear may seem funny to you and your dancer, but it really shows through and is obvious under the costumes. It’s just like wearing a bathing suit. Please be sure you are aware of the tights and shoes needed as well as how your child’s hair should be worn. If you are unaware, the front desk has all that information for you. It's also helpful to keep accessories for each costume in a zip lock bag with each bag attached to the costume. If you have multiple costumes or accessories, please label everything!

Hair & Make-up:

Remember, we are on stage!  Lights can drown out a performer's coloring.  This part of the experience is so much fun for our dancers. For the girls, we suggest some light blush, some pink lip gloss, and if they want, a little shadow. Boys, a little cheek color doesn’t hurt but don’t stress them out if they look at you cross-eyed for even suggesting such a thing. Hair should be exactly how your teacher has noted (again check in with the teacher or the front desk if you are unaware). Hairspray and Bobbi-pins are helpful tools. Don’t stress, we keep it pretty simple.