An essential part of keeping our shows moving efficiently is the participation of our backstage parents.  We are seeking parent/caretaker volunteers to assist backstage during the recital.  Depending on class size, we are asking for 1-3 volunteers per class.  Teenagers with childcare experience looking for community service hours are welcome. 

Responsibilities for backstage volunteers include supervising dancers while waiting for their turn to perform, bringing them to and from the stage, and possibly assist the "littles" on restroom visits. We will assign a restroom chaperone for children who do not need assistance. 

As a backstage volunteer, we will ensure you do not miss your dancer's performance.   Stage parents will have an up close view of their dancer from the side of the stage AND do not need a ticket to the show. 

 To volunteer, please sign up using the links provided on the buttons below.  Be sure to click on your dancer's correct show date/time!  

Manhasset Recitals June 

Backstage Parent Sign-Up

Queens Recitals June

Backstage Parent Sign-Up