Let’s start with a good night’s sleep the night before the big day! Cranky dancers will definitely add to your stress. You both have an exciting and busy day ahead of you. Happy dancers make happy parents! 

Show day:  Bring snacks and activities. Although our shows are short, arrival time and showtime combined can seem long to young children. Dancers should arrive 45 minutes prior to show time. Manhasset recitals are approximately 1 hour long and Queens recitals are approximately 90 minutes long. Upon arrival, dancers will head over to the dancer's pre-performance area (Look for signage.) In order to keep everyone secure and allow for a smooth performance, attendees, including parents, are not permitted to go back and forth. Once you drop your dancer off with their chaperone, we ask for a short goodbye so we can begin the performance on time.  You will be given a bracelet with your dancer's name on it for a safe pickup. You can then head over ( a few short steps away) to your seats. 

At the end of the show, dancers will be brought on stage one last time for the parade of dancers and their final bow. After the finale, only the family member who dropped off the performer and is wearing the bracelet may pick the dancer up from the dressing room. Signs will be posted so you know where the drop-off is. Dancers are cared for by backstage parents and staff. Backstage volunteers do a great job, but preparing your dancer to be happy when he or she is backstage can really help. We suggest coloring books, small games, and non-messy snacks such as pretzels, a small sandwich, and granola bars but please NO NUTS! Clear liquids only, water or lemonade. We also recommend all dancers use the bathroom prior to being left with the backstage parents. Bathroom runs become very time-consuming, limiting the liquids will help as well. Be prepared to stay and support every performance, students stay behind stage until the parade of dancers at the end of the show. This is a fun, celebratory, and, very exciting part of our show that is always loved by all.